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  • Craig Edwards

    Craig Edwards

    Director/Licensee/Property Consultant

    Craig Edwards describes his job as, “the best job in the world, in the best place in the world.” Craig is one of the most passionate Property Consultants a client will ever meet, possessing a genuine level of care for his clients and their properties that is a welcomed change in the industry. He has a natural ability to empathise with people from any background, drawn from years working in the building industry and also managing a bar at a hotel. His unique approach to service is focused on always putting himself in others shoes. An impeccable memory combined with an eye for detail means that with Craig, nothing is ever over-looked. He places a great deal of value on the small things that most agents don’t, and whether you’re selling or buying, the experience with Craig is a breeze. Craig guarantees a smooth, stress free experience for his clients and is always one step ahead, anticipating their needs and acting always in his client’s best interests. After being in the industry since 2003, he’s also a top performer, achieving some impressive sales awards in recent years. Busselton born and bred, Craig is passionate about the local area and the wonderful lifestyle it has to offer. Positive, enthusiastic and friendly, Craig is a model of a ‘real’ real estate agent.

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  • Adrian Burrows
  • Bridgette Mas

    Bridgette Mas

    Property Consultant

    For Bridgette Mas, real estate is in her blood. She has bought and sold real estate in Busselton since she was 21, and she has always and will always have real estate in her life. After working in professional business roles for many years, Bridgette followed her true passion and in 2002 became a licensed agent. Since joining Harcourts Busselton in 2008, Bridgette’s been one of Busselton’s most active Property Consultants, and in her words “has never been happier”. She has a professional work ethic and a genuine passion for what she does, with years of experience and first-hand local property knowledge. Having been in the industry for years, she’s been through the cycles and has a great insight and excellent vision, with a knack for knowing when to act, and when to wait. Bridgette’s three energetic children keep her life full with activity and laughter, together with her ever-faithful fifth family member, Roxy the dog. Bridgette’s clients are very important to her. She’s a natural people person, always with a smile and a positive outlook on life. She believes that there can never be too much communication, knowing how much a quick phone call or email can mean to her clients. She is professional, approachable and gets results.

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  • Chris Hills
  • Craig Davies
  • Denham Harvey & Neil Honey Team

    Denham Harvey & Neil Honey Team

    Property Consultant

    Recently joining Harcourts Busselton, seeking a new rewarding career path, Denham is excited to be learning from some of the best in the business. With over 4 years of experience in Customer Service, Denham is thrilled to be utilising his skills on a larger scale. Denham believes that sales is all about client and customer satisfaction, where loyalty and honesty is key and disappointing his clients is not an option. Accepting that the Real Estate Industry is sometimes misunderstood, Denham is committed to ensuring his clients are aware that their needs come first. Overall, he aims to take the stress out of the selling process, and to make it an enjoyable experience for all parties involved. After spending the last 12 years in Busselton, Denham is passionate about the beautiful South West Region and most importantly Soccer!

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  • Gary Green
  • Jeremy Emms

    Jeremy Emms

    Property Consultant

    To Jeremy, his family is number one. He knows how big a part a family’s home plays in their life, and he knows that to his clients, finding a home that suits the needs of their family is number one too. This passion for helping people and matching the perfect home to a client’s needs has fuelled Jeremy’s involvement in the housing industry for the last 25 years, bringing him to his recent appointment as a Property Consultant with Harcourts Busselton in June 2011. Jeremy is a problem solver, and knows that as a Property Consultant this is his most important function: finding the perfect buyer for a seller, or the perfect property for a buyer. He’s prompt, polite and understanding, priding himself on a level of personal service that’s hard to come by in the industry. He’s 100% dedicated to finding the perfect match between a buyer and a seller, and importantly, looking after the homes of Busselton’s families.

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  • Neil Richards
  • Janina Downes

    Janina Downes

    Office Administrator

    Janina Downes is one of Harcourts Busselton’s most important people - the behind-the-scenes hard worker who manages anything from deadlines to procedure and everything in between. She is the gatekeeper of every piece of communication that leaves the office, and is not afraid to set the bar high, supporting Harcourts Busselton’s integrity at every turn. Described as “an absolute gem with an undying commitment to efficiency”, her time and people management skills ensure the Harcourts office works like clockwork. She is the support behind every Director and Property Consultant, and is always there to help, no questions asked. “We move mountains to help each other” is how she describes the culture at Harcourts Busselton. Janina has over 11 years experience in Real Estate. She loves the industry and enjoys the new challenges it brings each day. She possesses patience and an unwavering can-do attitude. With Janina, everything is possible, and most always achieved well ahead of deadline.

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  • Jodie Moore

    Jodie Moore

    Marketing Co-ordinator

    Responsible for the marketing, branding and advertising within Harcourts Busselton, including sales, property management and individual representatives, Jodie’s role demands constantly creating ideas with a particular goal: to show your property in the best light and create an opportunity for positive results. Committed to improving procedures every day, Jodie is aiming to guide the marketing with the same respect and dignity that Harcourts have established over its many years in real estate. Experienced in a variety of real estate disciplines, including property management and sales, Jodie’s first job straight from school was in real estate and she still sees the profession as an exciting and highly rewarding industry. As Jodie says, “She’s in it for life.”

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  • Michelle Radich

    Michelle Radich

    Sales Assistant to Craig Edwards

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  • Teneal Garrett

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