Andrew Henry

Business Owner - Harcourts Kingborough

For Andrew Henry, real-estate is all in the family. He and his wife Jodie have been co-owners and directors of Harcourts Kingborough since November 2008. Having first met in Grade 4 at the age of ten, Andrew and Jodie now lead a sales team of seven. A fifth-generation Tasmanian, Andrew’s brother is also an agent while his father was a conveyance lawyer for many years.

Having a strong sense of family has ensured Andrew understands the importance of providing a safe and happy work environment for his staff:

“I understand that the decisions we make at work and the ethics we uphold will affect the families of our staff. It is important therefore that we go back to the Harcourts values and make sure that we encourage fun and laughter, acting in a courageous manner, putting people first and doing the right thing.”

Andrew is a people pleaser to the highest degree. Indeed, perhaps his strongest point of pride is his contribution to shaping the culture of Harcourts Kingborough into a workplace where agents are trustworthy, reliable, honest and loyal people who always engage in clear communication and act with the highest ethics. It follows therefore that the most rewarding part of his job is seeing a young agent prosper in their role, being rewarded for their successes and supported through their struggles.

The best sales managers have patience, a plan, a vision and determination to make that vision come true. Andrew’s vision for Harcourts Kingborough is that it shall follow the achievements of Harcourts New Zealand by capturing 60% of the market. He also aspires to have a rent roll of 500 properties, which is thought to be at the upper limit of a manageable workload. The property management team currently oversees more than 270 properties.

The diverse array of properties in Kingborough is most appealing for Andrew:

“It has some really nice weatherboard shacks rich in history, but then you can go to Kingston Beach and see some ultra-modern funky places along the cliff faces that overlook the water, and then you can go further down the channel where you can see five- acre to two-hundred acre properties with farms producing wines, cheeses, and fruits.”

Passionate about the environment in which he lives, Andrew is a keen road and mountain bike cyclist who enjoys renovating properties around the local community. He lists his favourite properties as being 1970’s weatherboard homes:

“I find them visually appealing and immensely comforting. The work that has gone into constructing them is obvious, meaning it has a great sense of character.”

This love of Kingborough has imbued in Andrew a strong desire to give back to the community. As such, Harcourts Kingborough is proud to support The Harcourts Foundation, Kingborough Football Club, Kingston Beach Junior Sailing Club, The Lions Sailing Club, the Kingborough Bowls Club Seniors and Kingston Beach Surf Life Saving.

Going forward, Andrew believes the rise in technology will enable agents to stay better informed about the market and therefore to deliver better service more frequently, which will in turn contribute to the growth of the real-estate industry in Kingborough. It will also allow for a more person-centred approach as agents can connect more with vendors and purchasers.

A devoted father and husband, Andrew takes his life motto from the series of ‘Bing’ books his daughter loves. In this series, when something negative happens, it is said to be “No big thing Bing”, a phrase which has helped Andrew through some difficult times and has enabled him to maintain some perspective through the process of selling a home. It is this down-to-earth human approach to business which means he is always a valuable source of support for staff and clients alike.

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